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Integrated Care for Older People Programme: UL students make important contribution

A group of UL postgraduate students built the website for the Integrated Care for Older People Programme. The demographic changes challenge the existing health and social care system in Ireland. For this reason, the future-oriented programme Integrated Care for Older People was developed to offer cohesive care services for older people. Thus, the programme is a forward thinking programme and builds a new way to deliver quality of care. The Integrated Care programme for Older People (ICPOP) aims to develop integrated services for older people with complex health and social care needs and shifts the delivery of care away from hospitals towards community based, planned and coordinated care. Find more about the programme here. However, this important programme had no website yet that provides valuable information over the programme’s progress and plans. Therefore, a group of six students has built the Integrated Care for Older people website. The students are Master’s students of the postgraduate course M.Sc. Marketing, Consumption & Society at University of Limerick. Building and marketing a website is part of their module Digital Marketing. Over the last few weeks, the students have collaborated with P.J. Harnett, Programme Manager Integrated Care for Older Persons, to build the website. P.J. is very satisfied with the results “ I am very pleased that the students approached us and created a website. Now, many can inform themselves about the program and I'm looking forward to the future.“ Currently the students are working on the marketing concept. They are excited how the project develops, as one of the students, Daniel, says: “This is really an exciting and challenging project. As a first step, we have created the website and now the second step is creating an effective marketing concept for the website and the programme. I think we are making a really important contribution to society here“. Earl adds: “ We have a few practical projects in our modules, which is great because it prepares us for work later. But this project is also fun because it is so important.“

The team of the Integrated Care for Older thanks the students of the University of Limerick for their great work.

Students Univerity of Limerick



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