Service Model

Older Persons CD Service Model.png

The National Integrated Care Programme for Older Persons’(NICP OP) is leading out on the development of an end to end pathway that describes cohesive primary, secondary and acute care services for older people with a specific focus on those with more complex needs and frailty.


There is substantial emerging evidence (locally and internationally) that focusing on the management of the needs of the ‘frail older adult’ can produce significant dividends for both the older populations who use them and the systems that serve them (BGS, 2014; NCPOP, 2012).


This involves standardised assessment, bespoke care pathways, appropriate expertise in its management and ensuring key points of contact are made available to older adults and their carers that coordinate care and anticipate ongoing needs (thereby reducing periods of ‘crisis’). This requires a re-design of the way in which care for the older person is organised and delivered as articulated in the Older Persons’/Chronic Disease Service Model