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The Benefits of the Integrated Care Programme

The ageing population is testament in part to improved healthcare in Ireland and is to be welcomed.  A policy context that includes and goes beyond health care is critical for enabling older people to live well in their own homes and communities. The implementation of reform within health and social care systems should recognise the needs of older people (particularly those with multiple conditions) as unique, requiring a broad multiagency approach. 


Systems that are designed for older people should be in place across the care journey and should recognise and meet their complex healthcare needs. This includes new roles and ways of working. 

What are the benefits of the Integrated Care Programme for Older Persons?

Older persons with long term complex care needs will have a single point of contact (case manager)

A case manager will help older people to access services when needed

A multidisciplinary, community approach will be taken that provides a one stop shop for care co-ordination

Beds in acute hospitals will be utilised for those who are in medical need

Carers will be supported

Technology will enhance care coordination through sharing of information

There would be clear defined pathways in hospitals with minimum lengths of stay

More patients staying at home or getting home more speedily

Shifting a model away from institutional care/long term care where avoidable

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