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The Integrated Care Programme Older Persons (ICPOP) was established in 2015 and is working in 13 pioneer sites nationally to design and test an alternate, community based model of care.

About Us

The key enablers for the Integrated Care Programme are as follows:


  • Research. ICPOP is undertaking research into implementation of systemic change as a precursor to universal healthcare in partnership with the TCD Pathways Project.

  • ICT. The Integrated Care Programme for Older Persons is deploying hardware to improve information flow and the use of technology to facilitate case management.

  • Measurement.  ICPOP has developed structure and process metrics to measure both programme implementation and impact.

  • User engagement. The Integrated Care Programme for Older Persons has engaged with Age Friendly Ireland (AFI), established under a World Health Organization (WHO) initiative, and is working through the AFI City and County structures to engage older persons in the design and improvement of integrated care.

The key elements of ICPOP are to establish:


  • Multidisciplinary, Community based teams that target the most complex and at risk population of older persons. This team acts as a catalyst for integration locally.

  • Bespoke older person pathway development in areas of identified high-need. (e.g. Long-term care settings where there are high numbers of people living with frailty and high complex needs).

  • A Case management approach that provides a single point of access and care co-ordination.

  • Specific links between primary and secondary care services (e.g. GPs, Community Nursing, Geriatricians, Mental Health Services and HSCPs) that promote rapid identification and management of frailty, risk of frailty and early access to rehabilitation and care.

  • Development of integrated care pathways for people with dementia and people who fall or are at risk of falling.

If you are interested in the Integrated Care Programme for Older Persons, feel free to contact us or meet our team.

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